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Kingsley Beverage Limited was incorporated in the United Kingdom and Wales in 2016. The company has purchased 170 000 sq. ft. of land at Gateway Peterborough and Roxhill Development Limited will construct a purpose built beverage plant, warehouse and offices for Kingsley during 2016/17, measuring 149 350 sq. ft. Krones Germany, Kingsley’s technology and equipment partner will install a 20 400 bph (bottles per hour) PET line and a 36 000 cph (cans per hour) Can line. The time frame for being in commercial production is the summer of 2018.

In the meantime, Kingsley has rented a 10 170 sq. ft. warehouse in Orton Southgate, Peterborough from where the company will operate with its own products imported from South Africa until local production commences in 2018. Products produced in Peterborough will also be exported to Kingsley operations across the globe.

Kingsley is a successful beverage company and its strength lies in the calibre of people it employs, capital investment strategy, quality products at affordable prices that builds brand equity and consumer trust, extensive product range across all the NARTD categories (sparkling soft drinks, water, energy, ice tea, sports drinks and fruit juice) and building superior routes to market.